Core Networks

Core Networks, Inc. was founded in 1991 as an independent computer consulting company.

The company began during the infancy of the modern computer era – when computers were large IBM PCs running MS-DOS. Windows and color graphics cards did not exist. The snail’s pace internet was accessible only through a dialup connection. Fast forward to today where we have phones with 64-bit operating systems running in the palm of our hand. Every corner of the internet is available to anyone with a wireless network.

Core Networks has been there through it all. In over two decades we have seen and experienced tremendous technological advances. We have invested years in research and security training to form out elite team. We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to build our expertise on this ever changing technological landscape.

Nowadays a major new data breach occurs on a daily basis. As such it is important for personal internet users, corporations and governments alike to remain diligent in their awareness of the vulnerabilities affecting their systems.

Core Networks provides security engineers armed with the proper tools to help mitigate both personal data and fiscal loss. We are experts – whether you have a current security breach and need rapid incident response and network forensics; or are designing a web application and need to know common attack vectors and mitigation techniques.

Core Networks focuses on providing organizations with complete cyber security services, solutions and consulting for New England area businesses. Across the region, we have the ability to do remote/multi-site engagements.

Notable Achievements
  • Helped design the first silicon graphics super computer infrastructure for a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company. This advancement helped in mapping the human genome.
  • Supported the Unix infrastructure team at an international financial securities firm – a system that runs the entire trading floor.
  • Partnered with triVIN Systems in deploying a Cisco Enterprise network and security solution to support a three state DMV registration system.
  • Deployed a VMware Virtualization environment with HP servers and enterprise fiber storage. This project was a P2V (Physical to Virtual) conversion of over 20 Windows and Linux servers for a major healthcare products provider.
  • Discovered and averted a serious security breach through network forensics that could have wiped out an entire company.
Industry-Leading Partners

With partners like FireEye, HP, VMware, Cisco, ESET, Sophos and Barracuda Networks our services include:

Penetration testing, ethical hacking
Vulnerability assessments
Network, server and storage infrastructure solutions
Cyber security infrastructure design
On-site support contracts for  IT departments

For more detailed information on our services, please be sure to visit our Services page.